Medical Record Excerpts

Accurate and concise excerpts of a wide range of medical and legal files.

Whether you’re a doctor, an attorney, or an insurance professional, chances are you’re spending too much time or too much money on the tedious process of preparing major medical and legal files for review. DOCTUS can take the burden off your back, freeing up valuable time in your office for more important work. DOCTUS Record Excerpts Solutions add efficiency and profitability to medical evaluators, attorneys, record management companies, and any other firm handling large volumes of medical and legal files. Our XML-indexed formats and customizable layouts help us to create a finished product that is perfect for your specific business process. Our succinct medical excerpts provide at-a-glance accessibility to all prominent events in the file, outlined and indexed according to hospital stays, office visits, history of illness, physical examination results, diagnostics, medications, treatment plans, and more. Our narrative deposition summaries reduce pages of often redundant testimony down to a quick read that highlights only the relevant case information. And DOCTUS brings you all of this for a low, per-page cost that will make efficiency more affordable than ever.

How It Works

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Step 1:

You transmit a digital file to DOCTUS using our intuitive online web-portal. All transmissions are encrypted with AES 256.

Step 2:

DOCTUS analyzes and categorizes every piece of information and compiles a comprehensive excerpt, customized to your specifications.

Step 3:

The final excerpt is transmitted back to you using the same online portal, allowing you to download and save or print the file.


Everyone on board with us is highly qualified, we have the best experts to execute and finish the work.

  • Best technical and scientific experts in all fields.
  • To avoid unnecessary confusion and waste of time you can directly interact with our staff.
  • Quick review just under 24hrs in case of an emergency.

At DOCTUS we know the importance of organization of records as it is very important in understanding or building a up a case. We make sure the cases are divided into relevant sections.We have different approach for each record. We make sure we return your records in the given specified time. We will make it a guarantee that our well sorted medical records will be crucial in developing the client’s case, having worked for many clients we know the stress and time consuming nature this involves our staff is well prepared for these conditions in advance. DOCTUS will meet your needs by developing efficient medical records.

Indexing Services:

We live in the age of Digital, maintaining paper documents is really hard and this also requires huge amount of space, they can be lost or misplaced over time and these documents are located at various locations it is not easy to retrieve them when needed. Our scanning and Indexing services would ease all these blockers for you.It’s our responsibility to convert patients reports into  Electronic health and Electronic medical records without any Issues. Our Indexing services will help you to manage patient records in systematic and well organized way. We help our customers to create Indexes for their medical documents,Insurance bills,patient records,clinical history and legal documents. After the process of indexing is completed we place your records in your electronic medical record system so that it would be easier for you to access and retrieve information when ever needed.
Our Indexing process has 4 simple steps:
b)Accessing Medical Records
d)Quality check
Benefits of working with DOCTUS
We have highly experienced and qualified Indexing team. It is our responsibility to assign a dedicated manager to handle all your work. We provide 24*7 indexing services just to make sure our clients time is not wasted. We  will guaranteed 99.9% accuracy in your medical records.During the whole process we will provide you with a unique identification number to each of your record so that it will be easy for you to access or retrieve it at any point of time.


We paginate,sort and collate all your medical records. The sorting of these records is done by our highly experienced staff who have been working closely with medical experts, injury lawyers as well as clinical negligence over the years. 

What we do
The given records are sorted so that it would be easier to use.The records are then paginated and a detailed index is produced. The missing records are and the inconsistencies are highlighted.

Medical Record Retrieval
Let DOCTUS handle all your medical retrieval needs. Our Innovative process and proven success offers you flexibility to to request information in your desired format. Settling a liability or a workers compensation claim needs you to acquire medical records before hand.This is a time taking process and causes stress. We at DOCTUS will help you execute this process within no time at lower costs which helps you in concentrating on other case related activities. We provide friendly and knowledgeable assistance. Our turn around time for record retrieval is really fast the reason being we are always dedicated to our clients and make sure they are always happy. You can follow up regularly with us and request your medical records. We have the best price and efficient service. Traditional medical record retrieval methods require nurses to travel to various places and manually log the findings into a form for each patient and then send the forms to client for data entry. We DOCTUS have a centralized medical record service which avoids the travel to different places.We eliminate the unwanted step of data entry for our clients.

Services We Provide:

  • Sorting and Paginating medical records.
  • Sorting of records in chronological order.
  • Removal of duplicate records.
  • Electronic Sorting.
  • Pagination and Indexation.
  • Identifying Missing Medical Records.
  • Digital Scanning, Storage and Transfer.
  • Designing and Customization.
  • Keyword Search and Indexing services.
  • Preparing Medical Chronology.
  • File Inventory.
  • Deposition Summary.
  • Record Hygiene.
  • Case Chronology.
  • Electronic Tabbing and Bookmarks.
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