Medical Transcription


Energetically transform pandemic manufactured products whereas premier solutions. Compellingly streamline an expanded array of web-readiness rather.

Around 900,000 lines per month are produced serving about 38 accounts of Entrada.

Workforce of over 120+ transcriptionists.

More than 50 K lines are transcribed every day.

Delivering all jobs within 24 hours.

Delivering all patient reports to the client at a validated 99.5% accuracy rate.

Internal Audit Process to consistently deliver client acceptable quality.


Medical Transcription (DTS) QA Procedure

Internal Audit
  • Random audit
  • Quantification of errors
Performance Improvement Program
    • Users with poor quality will be taken under performance improvement program.
Two-Level QA Support
    • Internal QA4 continuously supports QA1s and QA2s.
Client Audit
  • Internal Feedback provided by the client helps us an education tool and guidance.
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